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Ohh Really! Twitter For Charity

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Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging site utilizing instant messaging, SMS or a web interface. Twitter offers 140 character limit to share information and people use it in a variety of ways,

1. Students are Using Twitter as an Education Tool.

2. Job seekers are using it to search jobs.

3. Celebrities are using twitter for fans attractions.

4. Companies are using twitter for branding.

Twitter & Charity

When I first saw “Hugh Jackman Giving $100K to Charity via Twitter (@realhughjackman)” I was shocked to see people using Twitter for Charity as well.

One African Well Fund association is also using twitter for charity. AWF has helped bring water to 121 sites serving more than 113,000 people.

People are talking about charity events & Twitter is a good way to share it in 140 characters with millions of users.

Do you know Twitter charity raises more than US$250,000. Twitter’s ““Twestival” organized by volunteers and launched Feb.12, has raised US$250,000.


In September 2008, a group of London Twitter users hosted an event called Havest Twestival connecting people offline for a bit of fun and for a good cause.


But is our money going in right hands?

There is one drawback to charity through Twitter- there is no tool to check if the money is going to the right people. The only way to keep a check is to keep a vigil on people who are tweeting about charity.


How to avoid Charity Fraud

1. Always get the name of charity organization, Address and phone no etc. in written.

2. Clarify that the person who is asking you for charity is a professional fundraiser and how much of your contribution will go to fund-raising costs.

3. Always check history of that organization. You can find a list of state offices here “National Association of State Charity Officials”.
4 If somebody is pitching you for big amount & forcing you for charity avoid them.

5 Always pay cheque for donation with the name of organization.

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