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Facebook advertising tips- effective and very useful

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If you are onto the Internet marketing campaign, you can boost up your business with the help of Facebook advertising. The only thing is that you have to plan and execute it properly. There are mainly two things that are important and will make you successful here, acceptance and high performance of your ads. You must have observed that plenty of advertisements that are submitted to Facebook get rejected. There are many reasons behind it because Facebook has some definite rules regarding posting of ads there. Firstly, you need to read the guidelines for posting the ads and then follow them too.

The second thing that you should keep in mind is to mention the name of the product for which you are posting the ad and get it approved fast. Use the direct link till you get approved. If you want to change to any affiliate link, you can do it afterwards. Make sure you do not direct any non-international traffic to worldwide products or services. The most important thing is that your ads get approved at Facebook and then the success of your promotion depends on the rate of clicks to these ads, which decides the rate per click.

If your click through rate is .01 in the immediate hours after the launch of your campaign, Facebook will stop giving impressions. So you have to make sure that as soon as your Facebook advertising goes live, your click through rate is high. For this you should wait for the right time to set your ads live, design an eye-catching ad, targeted to your audience. You can make use of captivating images for this. Try and use words that make urgent call of action or write “tonight” or “now” to drive more and more clicks. Keep the description of your ad understandable and short.

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  1. Aliciataylor Says:

    I have heard that Facebook ads work, so I think you are right. The time to get in is now while the price is so low and the ROI is great. We’ve all seen what happened with AdWords.

    facebook ads guide

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