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Mobile will become a new browser for Facebook and Twitter users

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Latest study on social networking contact through mobile browser has revealed the fact that more than one fourth of the smartphone users have used their phones to access social media networking sites and this development is seen to grow 112% more than what were the results of last year. The experts have to say a lot on this issue and they connect social media networking with mobile. Introduction of smartphones have made it easy to access not only calls and messages wherever you go, but you are connected with your online friends and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Seeing the ease and quickness, people are switching towards accessing their social media sites via mobile browser. Most of the credit goes to the smartphones as they have made it easy and accessible. The study reveals the facts by only observing the pattern of users in the month of January.  In only one month the rise is up to 112%, which is just for the Facebook users. MySpace attracted almost half of the Facebook results and the outcome for Twitter users is 347% as compared to last year. These are the results evaluated taking only smartphone users and those who use their phone exclusively for this purpose, are not included here. These results are revealed from the study made by comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR).

According to Facebook, the members that are using their mobile to access are twice more active than others who are non-mobile users. Facebook’s goal is to help people stay connected wherever they go and the smartphones are really helping them achieve their target. Seeing all this, we foresee that Facebook and smartphones are going to gain prominence and they deserve the true fame. Facebook has already made a great presence on mobile platform and with the tremendous increase in people using it via mobile phones makes it clear that their strategy of making Facebook mobile is really working.

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