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Mobile Applications: a big hit with young adults in US

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Cell phone users have shown a dramatic jump in numbers worldwide. In US it has shown a noticeable leap in last decade. With the increase usage of cell phone the number of landlines phones are experiencing all time low in demand.

According to a new research by Pew Internet project there is a rapid increase in the number of application savvy consumers in US. Out of 82% total cell phone users in US, 43% have applications on their cell phone, which means that almost half of the total users have cell phone application. Out of which 24%, i.e. two third of them say that they use the application frequently and 13% users have said that they have paid for at least one such application Now that’s a lot of application usage.

The study pointed out that, the mobile applications or “apps” as they are conveniently christened, are hugely popular with the younger generation, mostly men, tech savvy and more affluent in comparison to the rest of the population. The slightly older generation still sees cell phone’s as the mode of communications majorly. The study also noted that, there was an increase in usage and downloading of the application as they further reduced the age of the users.

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Other than communicating the users preferred their cell phone for taking pictures (76%), followed closely by sending or receiving text messages (72%). The percentage drops to almost half when it comes to accessing the internet on the cell phone (38%) followed by playing games (34%), sending and receiving mails (34%), recording a video (34%) and playing music (33%). I would say that it is a rather impressive figure considering the fact that these applications were launched just two years ago (Apple in 2008, followed by Blackberry in 2009). It is picking up fast 20% of cell phone users who downloaded application in the past 30 days on their phone were under 30. The ratio of adult cell phone users who have downloaded an application as early as last week is 1:10.

On the downside, applications have to create a bigger market for themselves. As the old cell phone users, (that are fairly large in numbers to be ignored.) are not “apps” friendly or are too lazy to adapt them. In the words of Kristen Purcell, associate director for research at the Pew Internet Project, “many cell owners do not know what their phone can do.” 18% of the researched cell phone users did not have any knowledge about the applications in their cell phones and surprisingly this number increased as the users age was increased.36% users under the age of 50 years showed total ignorance when asked about the applications in their cell phone.

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According to the survey conducted by the Nielsen application playbook, gaming application top as the most favorite and the most downloaded application with 60%, of the total users downloading it within a span of one month. 52% have downloaded the weather and news applications. Other applications like navigation, food, maps, entertainment, music and social networking, have a sizeable downloads. However, communication (21%) and Travel (18%) applications are the bottom contenders, amongst the users. 57% of the recent application downloader’s claim that they are using their applications almost daily, while the 24% said that their application usage is minimum 30 minutes per day.

Study also revealed that there is a certain pattern that existed based on the gender of the application user.  It was observed that the applications like social networking (63% vs. 58%) and games (53% vs. 42%,), were their most preferred downloads, in compared to men who gave much higher preference to the applications related to  productivity and banking at (29% vs. 21% and 32% vs. 25% respectively).

It was also stated in the study that people preferred to keep the most used applications handy, so that they are available without much effort.

If we take a look at the overall picture, than it would not be wrong to point out that application age has arrived and looks like it’s going to stay here for long.


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