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5 ways small business can benefit from the use of social media

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Social Media has become quite popular during recent times with the like of Twitter and Facebook. And now with Google + looming, it is becoming increasingly important for small business to make use of these tools if they want to succeed in the midst of this competitive world. In this article I will be speaking about 5 different ways how small business can benefit from the use of social media in their marketing campaign.

Marketing Research

Social Media websites make it easier for small business to interact with their customers and thus know what they are looking for. This can give rise to some informal focus groups whereby you can quickly understand what your customers are looking for and thus customize your product and services to better fit the bill. And the good thing about that type of research is that social media sites are free too.


Not all traffic comes from search engines nowadays and social media sites also have their part to play. Even Google has understood this and is now entering the social media realm. For this reason it might be important that you develop your presence on these sites to make sure that your business benefit from this surge in traffic.


Social Media website can also help boost your ranking in the search engines. Indeed getting a link with your anchor text on these sites can greatly improve your ranking and help increase traffic to your site. The key here is that you should have some useful content on these social media sites and not some crap content that will just make you appears as a spammer.

Conflict Resolution

Nowadays when a person has a problem with a particular product or service they will gladly make all other people know through the use of Facebook or Twitter. Although this is inevitable, you can still use this to your own advantage. For instance addressing these issues correctly should allow to position your company as one that is listening to its clients and prepared to walk the extra miles to please its clients.

Brand awareness

A good social media presence can also allow you to improve your brand awareness and put you on the mind of a majority of a people. The good thing about social media is that you can use your own customers to make your marketing. For instance people will want to retweet or share your information on Facebook thus allowing you to target some more people.

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