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5 Ways Emails Help with Small Business Marketing

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Emails are an important part of most businesses. Whether you are confirming an order, answering a question or announcing a new blog post, emails help small business owners to communicate with customers. As a direct approach, email marketing is an effective way to promote a company’s products or services. In general, email marketing offers several benefits to those running a business.

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1. Relationship Builder

Emails help you establish and maintain a relationship with past, present and future customers. By sending regular emails, a company builds credibility and trust with customers. Emails educate customers on how a company’s products and services help them in their professional or personal lives. Nurturing this customer relationship increases the likelihood of repeat business.

2. Marketing Tool

It is a well-known fact that it is easier to sell to former customers than it is to sell to new customers. Emails tell current and former customers about new products or services, sales and discounts or other relevant information such as awards, new partnerships or new funding. As a marketing tool, emails are also an excellent way to generate new leads and widen market share. Used correctly, emails can increase sales in a short period of time.

3. Traffic Generator

Emails increase traffic to a business blog or to sale pages on the website. By including a live link in an email, it makes it easy for customers to get to the website or blog quickly. With website analytics set-up, small businesses can see how effective emails are for bringing targeted traffic to the site.

4. Information Source

Customers prefer to buy from experts. Businesses establish themselves as authorities in their fields by sending useful information to customers in the form of ezines or newsletters. By educating customers on the benefits and uses of products or services, a small business builds trust. By using emails to offer free tutorials, videos, and courses, the business increases customer knowledge and this helps to increase sales and profits.

5. Inexpensive Split Testing Method

Most marketing experts recommend split testing emails. This is a way to determine which marketing campaign is the most effective in bringing in new leads. By sending out two different marketing packages to an equal number of customers, a small business owner discovers the conversion rates. These rates illustrate which campaign has the better pull. The small business gets measurable results. Split testing with traditional direct response is expensive because of the cost of postage, paper and envelops. With email marketing, a business owner can easily and inexpensively split test email campaigns. The only cost is hiring a copywriter if there isn’t one on staff.

Email marketing offers many benefits to both online and offline companies. This communication method is also useful as a marketing tool for businesses. Because emails are short, easy to write and inexpensive to send, more and more small businesses see email marketing as a great way to increase traffic and also sales of products and services.

Author Bio:- Sabrina Hill is a copywriter with experience in writing sales letters and other marketing materials including email marketing for small businesses. She is also a contributor to Degree Jungle a college student resource.

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