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How seo profiler can help you in link building

SEO profiler is in one of the best seo tool we recommend you only if you are seriously looking for good & quick results. It’s not like other ordinary seo tools where you just see some unwanted PDF reports filed with junk data. Here you can easily find all type of detailed information which actually helps you to improve your website visibility & ranking on search engines. How? You can read complete & detailed review about seo profiler at websudasa.

Today we would like to talk about how SEO profiler can help you in link building activities.

Before moving forward we just want to ask you something, do you still believe that link building is still a no’s game? Why I am asking you this because there are so many companies or webmasters still focusing on quantity not quality but in today’s time your primary focus should be quality links. But the question arise how to find those quality links? It can cost you thousands of dollars every month and it can take so much time of yours to find those links.

Here comes the SEO profiler which helps you to find targeted & quality websites for link building.

SEO Profiler link building tools

  1. Hub Finder
  2. Link Opportunity Finder
  3. Backlinks By Keywords
  4. Link Manager
So what are you waiting for? start with free trial and get full access with Just $1 payment for next 30 days.

1. Hub Finder

Hub pages are pages that link to many different websites about the same topic. Getting links from hub pages is important. If a website links to your website and your competitors, search engines will know that your website is related to a particular topic.” Isn’t it sounds interesting? Yes now think how much time you have to spend or money you have to invest just to find these types of websites?


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 and done. You simply need to enter name of your competitors & done. Don’t have any competitors or you don’t want to use any name, no problem here you have another option to enter your keyword & rest of the work will be done by this tool. Isn’t it so easy?

seo profiler hub finder

2. Link Opportunity finder

Step1 – “Enter a keyword in the search box. For example, if you’re in the real estate industry, enter “real estate” as the keyword. One-word keywords usually work best with this tool.”

Step2 – Select any of the option like link submission sites, directories, articles & blogs sites etc.

Step3 – Select any of the option mentioned below in the pic.

seo profiler link opportunity finder

Once done it will show you list of websites where you can submit your website link. With that way you can search hundreds of relevant websites to add your links.

How to benefits from these websites

  1. Download the report in PDF or CSV file
  2. Contact the website owner or webmaster directly to add your links

3. Backlinks by keywords

Enter the keyword or key phrase for which you want to get high rankings in the search box:

  1. Once done it will show you list of websites which have keyword in title.
  2. Keyword in domain name
  3. You will find web pages that are willing to link to other sites with your keyword in the anchor text.

seo profiler backlinks keyword

Tips and tricks

  1. Use this tool with as many top-ranked pages as possible to find as many related pages as possible for your keywords.
  2. Use this tool once per month to find new backlinks opportunities that will improve the rankings of your website for your target keywords.
So what are you waiting for? start with free trial and get full access with Just $1 payment for next 30 days.


Before you do anything else with SEO you need to map out your strategy

There used to be a time where just about anyone could make money online – lots of money – with next to little effort. The marketplace was just about empty of offers, and if you could build a site that had some sort of credibility and backing you could expect to be bombarded with a flood of profits just for being around.

Needless to say, those days are dead and gone – and have been replaced by maybe the most cutthroat business environment ever seen in the history of man. You have literally all of your global competition just a few clicks away from your site, and if you cannot drive a flood of reliable and targeted traffic to your site you are not going to survive. But getting this traffic is not nearly as easy as just putting yourself out there or hunting the latest and greatest SEO tricks (as you’ll soon see) – you need to build the kind of viable strategy that you can rely on moving forward to give you a base of income you can count on.

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How to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Getting organic traffic to your blog often seems like an overwhelming task. After all, you have to pay to get people to your blog, right? Well, not really. The best readers are the ones that come across your blog naturally and organically. But how can you get more organic traffic? Well, here are some simple ideas that you can do to get the organic traffic you want:

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What I learned from SEO 2012

A statistic report can be introduced into this discussion about the extracted knowledge from SEO 2012. It is not only based on this particular year, but also a long time trial for being an optimized one. This the instant fight in the race of popularity, the field of exploration. Search Engine is nothing but a tool to retrieve any kind of information required for either professional or social task. The basic achievement is getting the world in grip just by a simple logical data in memory. In 2012, these records have raised above the deadline that has created an extraordinary attempt already. Now at the end of this year, it is the perfect time to make quick recollection over the previous successful history in browsing industry.

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Why Small Business Owners Must Know About SEO Basics

In today’s world, nearly every business has a website. As more and more individuals use their mobile devices to look up services in local areas, it is imperative that the business website shows up in the search results. Without basic knowledge of search engine optimization, your competitors could be taking all of your business because of your keywords rank. The basics of SEO are actually quite simple to master, and they can be summed up in three categories: Content, Sitemap, and Keywords. Why is knowledge of these so important to your business?

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Key points You Need to Know about Mobile SEO

Mobile search is the hot topic in the SEO world at the moment. Mobile users are valuable viewers for E-Commerce industry.

It used to be that a mobile phone was just a mobile phone. Not so anymore, they have brains and power that rivals computers nowadays.

This level of functionality means that they are increasingly used as alternatives to computers, particularly when searching the web whilst out and about.

Image Source:-

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Why Your Business Must Use SEO

There are trillions of pages of content on the internet, with millions more being added each day. With so much data to go through, the major search engines like Google use an algorithm to sift through the pages and choose what it believes is most relevant to what the end user is looking for. Although these algorithms are constantly changing, there are some basic characteristics that the search engines favor. Search engine optimization, or “SEO” for short, is the process of creating pages of content that will rank high in the search engine results for specific, selective keywords and keyword phrases.

Fortunately for business owners, most websites and blogs being promoted today aren’t taking search engine optimization principles into consideration. They are worried more about the graphics and look of the site, as opposed to what the search engines are mainly concerned about: whether the content on the page is the ideal answer for the question that the end user is currently searching for.

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SEO and the Right Keywords for Niche Sites

When you are creating a niche site, you have to know what your niche site is going to cover as well as the best keywords to use. SEO is very important for niche marketing, so it makes sense that you should take your time when you are getting ready to build your site, choose your keywords, and add content. The right keywords can be one of the key factors in the success of your site.

What Qualifies as a Niche?

The best type of niche site is going to be something that has a decent demand, but that doesn’t have too much competition. This will make it much easier for you to use your SEO tactics to develop a quality site that stands out from the crowd. One of the reasons that some niche sites fail is that the owner chose something that was so specialized there wasn’t only not any competition, but there weren’t enough visitors or customers to make it a viable business decision! The niche should still have enough demand, otherwise, all of your best SEO practices and a high ranking really won’t help much at all.

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Top 7 seo tips for newly launched websites

Today’s topic is very useful for people looking seo services for newly launched websites or planning to launch a website. There are some seo activities which need to be done at the time of designing. We have already shared some of the seo tips earlier but this time we would like share details for newly launched websites. High rankings take time for new website so we must go step by step.

seo tips for new websites

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Difference between keywords and key phrases

For a good keywords research you need to understand the difference between keywords & key phrases. Some of the people still have some confusion in between keywords & key phrases so here we tried to give you some brief details about keywords & key phrases. As a website owner or webmaster this information can help you in your keywords research.

Keywords: – “A keyword is essentially any word or phrase you use when searching with a search engine.” In a simple language, any single word related to your business, product/services which can be useful for your business.

eg. If you are selling shoes online then “shoes”, brand name like “Reebok”, “Nike” are your main keywords.

What does this mean for your business?

It means a lot; if you are planning for search engine optimization then you must identify some keywords for your website. You must have an idea which keywords can give some value to your business. You can expect some revenue, from your website as soon as those keywords will start ranking on Google first page.

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