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Facebook as a Business Booster:helps

Facebook, a social networking website, is well known across the globe. It is used, not only to connect a person with his or her friends, but also with business counterparts. One can easily expand his or her business beyond the geographic boundaries with the help of this website. Today, business has not remained confined only to some particular area or region. Internet has helped in expanding business network. Facebook also plays a vital role in this field.

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New Friends page to be released by the Facebook

If reports are to be believed then the team Face book has been working on making changes in the Friends page. This means that now there will be separate friends’ pages for outstanding and the recent friends request.   Both pages will be more or less similar with slight difference in the functionality.


The new feature will enable the user of the most recent conversation with a friend as well as the friends most recently added by going to the editing the friends page. The newly introduced page will allow the user to see the pending friend’s request, so that you know, how many friends’ requests are still outstanding.  Though it is not a very huge up gradation but it would definitely be a useful one. Being able to see who you interacted with most recently will be liked by the users.

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Live Stream plugin by Facebook to come out soon

Facebook is soon launching a live stream plugin for all its application, which includes the new as well as the old applications. The Live Stream Plugin allows visitors or application on your site to share the activity and comment in real time. It is most beneficial while live streaming video for concerts, webcasts, speeches, webinars, live web chats or multiplayer games, basically it is helps in running a real time efficiently.

This new plugin allows the post to be seen by the other people in real-time while viewing the Live Stream. “We’re adding the option for users to not share their comments on Facebook. We also now support multiple Live Streams on one website by specifying a via URL, which will link status updates to their respective pages”. Said Namita Gupta, product manager for Platform, in her blog.

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Facebook’s new page Browser

Looks like face book is on a launch spree after launching gaming application, facebook has yet again launched a new feature- the Facebook page browser.

If we could create a fun way to browse movies, TV shows and musicians, it would help people more easily express shared interests and keep updated about those interests,” source Facebook blog.”

This new feature will enable people with varied interests to browse and get the desired results on one page. The browser will show the popular pages and the iconic figures in the resident country of the user. It lets you search for the pages of your interest like movies, fashion, politics; favorite shows etc. Facebook has kept the design of the new browser very handy, so that the users do not have any problems using it, if you want to receive the updates in your news feed all you need to do is to roll over the page and click it. You can hide the updates in case you do not need them.

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Facebook faces outage again

Facebook outage made the site inaccessible for many a user for almost 2.5 hours again. Many a users were curious to know what went wrong.  Face book’s Software Engineer Director Robert Johnson labels it as the “the worst outage we’ve had in over four years.”

He further gave the technical details behind the problem that occurred. Apparently this outage was different from the one caused by the third party network provider for some users on Wednesday. This recent downtime was caused by “an unfortunate handling of an error condition”. An automated system for verifying configuration ended up in damaging the system rather than fixing it.

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Top 5 ways to increase views for your YouTube videos

We all know the power of; is in one of the top 100 websites as per Alexa ranking. In this social media boom YouTube is in top famous websites like facebook & twitter. Here you can submit videos in just a minute’s time; if your video has viral potential then it can derive lots of views. Old Spice Guy is a perfect example of a viral video channel –millions of views in just few days time.

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How Facebook Changed Our Lives

For better or worse, Facebook has changed the lives of its users, ever since it was launched in February 2004. Isn’t it hard to believe that Facebook’s membership was initially limited to Harvard students alone? Obviously, rules changed over the years. According to the Facebook Pressroom, there are over 400 million active users today and 50% of the active users log on to Facebook everyday.

Facebook Advertising

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Spammers and Non Spammers on Facebook

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days, I’d say everyone from the age group of 13 to 50 have an account or on their way of having one. I mean it’s just an easy way to connect to people anywhere in the world with just a click of a button and going by the numbers of people joining Facebook everyday and as per the rumors in the European market Facebook is on its way of becoming another Google with a search engine service to be launched soon. When things become popular they also become easy prey for people to make use of it the wrong way and that is when people are using it for SPAMMING. It is also believed they if you get 5-10 friends request they are SPAMS which is actually not true. As we have studied hard on it and have done some research on our own. We have come to a conclusion that we can easily check before adding strangers to our friends list and grow our network of well wishers instead of adding random people.

We should avoid people who……

  • Use Facebook just to send their tweets & spam links only.
  • Don’t add profile pic or add any celebrity pic.
  • Have lots of friends in list but no communication.

Check below image which can give you more brief on a spammer & non spammer Facebook user.

Spammers Facebook

  • No communication
  • No comment or like on status messages.
  • All links are from twitter & SU only
  • 15 status updates in one day.

Non Spammers

Non Spammers Facebook

  • Friends showing interest by writing comments & likes.
  • Share good links (Pic, videos etc.) & status updates only.
  • Few status updates in a day.
  • People like commenting on their status.

Avoid spammers & share your views for the same if we missed something.

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3 easy steps to add Google Analytics to your Facebook page

As we know facebook fan page helps in branding. You have created a facebook fans page & people started coming to your page. It is very important for us to track from where people are coming to our page. With current facebook page features we can only  track Active fans, Total Fans, Top Countries etc.

Facebook Fans Page Details

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Facebook: Facts & Figures for 2010

Another great Social media infographic/chart on Facebook Statistics for 2010, containing details like total users, global reach, mobile usage etc.

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