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5 ways small business can benefit from the use of social media

Social Media has become quite popular during recent times with the like of Twitter and Facebook. And now with Google + looming, it is becoming increasingly important for small business to make use of these tools if they want to succeed in the midst of this competitive world. In this article I will be speaking about 5 different ways how small business can benefit from the use of social media in their marketing campaign.

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Youtube Insight – How to Increase Youtube videos views

YouTube is our favorite community when it comes to videos promotion. Earlier it was not easy to track our YouTube videos. But now with YouTube insight feature you can easily track your YouTube videos, YouTube subscribers, top performing videos, top keywords for your YouTube videos, Demographics etc.

What are the benefits of YouTube insight?

YouTube is not just a website; it is a search engine for videos where users are searching millions of videos every month. With this YouTube Insight feature you can easily check performance of your YouTube channel.

Login to your YouTube channel -> Click my videos section -> Click Insight button for any of your video

You can do analysis for your complete channel or for any of your favorite video. Find below the important points.

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Social Media Rules: Who are you Online?

Personal Privacy Issues

As a child my parents taught me valuable rules: how to carry cash discreetly, what to do if you think you’re being followed, and of course to mind my manners. Social media presents an entirely new challenge, not only to parents, but to any adult or teen trying to traverse Web 2.0.

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How social media can help us in SEO

If you want to improve your web presence and earn revenue, your website needs to perform well on search engines. There are many websites that do not get desired number of visitors simply because their rank on search engines is not high. People use search engine whenever they need information regarding anything. If your website has all the potential i.e., good and informative content and superb graphics, but lacks high rank on search engine, everything goes in vain.

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How to generate leads from social media

If you want to know how to generate leads from social media, you should first of all make it clear that there are no short cuts here. Networking requires investment of your time and energy, locating blogs related to your blog and creating mutual relationship with the associated and concerned blogs. Making money through multimedia or social media is possible only when you know what to do and how to generate leads. In order to excel in this field, you need to know what works and what not here. If you work on the right track and make use of the social media tips, you will reach your niche audience and bring back qualified visitors to your site.

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